Who is andy baldwin dating

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I was that scammer on Skype for a very brief moment, but visual was bad and audio was no available. So that all ended very painfully for me, but I had 10 wonderful days full of TRUE love and started to believe that my dream finally came true. sbelykh" wrote: DOC RICE FRANK 48 years old, brooklyn new york, USAConfronting the scammer is WRONG!!! You will only serve to further the terror and harm ! He claimed to be a navy plastic surgeon, currently appointed by United Nations in Syria, Damascus. Skype name: kggggggg7 There are some letters from him: Thank you for all your kind and caring words. LONG ISLAND where i was born and brought up ,i visited Italy 20 years ago as the only child of my parents ,my job keeps me away from so many things and even my son is not happy about my frequent absence as a father especially now that's mom Anna lives no more, ever since Anna died ,i have not taken a time looking for a woman of my dream, i am still suffering from the grief of Anna but i really need move on with my life ,i have never took a chance meeting a woman on internet but there is something special about you that i wish to know more.

Are you the type that I've spent all these years in search. I do not want to lose you to someone else or anything that anyone can say about you.

Disclaimer regarding pictures posted on the board: please understand that you are NOT looking at the pictures of people who are actually scamming you. Baldwin, You can Skype me if you want to be a true friend, Id: able 8 07/19/14 could you tell me who you are and what country are you my dear Andy thanks for responding am here only new users I would like to you give me your email, so that I can send my pictures Uzbekistan k y OU you can also send me your photo on e-mail: DOCTOR. able8) dear welcome Andy yes, you can be sure that, at the moment I'm in the high sea travel with my crow, in Syria, we will also visit other countries, including Africa, treatment and food in refugee Andy my request, I need a woman who will love me as I love her, and the woman I can trust with investments, you can be one, if so, we have a relationship, if not we will not can leave friendship my request, I need a woman who will love me as I love her, and the woman I can trust with investments, you can be one, if so, we have a relationship if no we can not give up the friendship Andy yes my love, but because I say investment and trust, I will invest in you and care about you, if my request is granted, I will also give you sex as you want, do not worry, I'll fly to visit you when I come back from a trip Andy wonderful of you 100% I meet, I swear it's a day that you will not regret the time and I will be very honest with you in all of our time during our friendship and marriage Andy oh no my love, trust me I'm in love you, and I'm sure that my mind is not playing a trick on me, I love you, I want you to certify with sex.