Use ps3 online without updating

08-May-2019 14:25

I know you think Sony is the bad guy for offering Linux and taking it away, so it's better to go with Microsoft who would never even think of offering Linux in the first place?

Anyway, PSN is a service that requires updates to keep up with it, so unless you actually use it you can't get free games as a customer.

Version 4.85 adds or updates the following features.

New for 4.85 This system software update improves system performance.

New for 4.80 This system software update improves system performance.

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Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update.

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Since they got rid of install other OS I have decided to make all future game purchases on the 360 only and do online gaming on Xbox so I dont have to update my PS firmware. I see that Sony is giving away Infamous, which I would like to play for free, to PSN members. I can't imagine how me running 3.4 firmware would allow a 3rd party access to PSN's user info.

I'm afraid I will need to update my firmware to get that. I like how you'll buy all your games on a Microsoft console because you wanted Linux.

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I thought the old firmware allowed individuals to "hack" their legally purchased hardware under fair use, and the reason PSN got hacked is due to a combination of Sony's incompetence in protecting their servers along with their decision making skills that made them the target of angry hackers.

New for 4.84 This system software update improves system performance.