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Western European red deer, historically, grew to large size given ample food supply (including people's crops), and descendants of introduced populations living in New Zealand and Argentina have grown quite large in both body and antler size.

Antlers of Caspian red deer carry large bez tines and form less-developed cups than western European red deer, their antlers are thus more like the "throw back" top tines of the wapiti (C. A stag can (exceptionally) have antlers with no tines, and is then known as a switch.

Similarly, a stag that does not grow antlers is a hummel.

Large red deer stags, like the Caspian red deer or those of the Carpathian Mountains, may rival the wapiti in size.

Female red deer are much smaller than their male counterparts. Male deer of all subspecies, however, tend to have stronger and thicker neck muscles than female deer, which may give them an appearance of having neck manes. The European red deer is adapted to a woodland environment.

Red deer have been introduced to other areas, including Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Peru, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina.