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17-Jun-2019 09:50

After hours of debugging and testing, I discovered that it was only clearing my column when Item Updating was triggered and the value of my column had already been set properly and hadn’t changed. I stepped through the code with the VS debugger and found that the properties.So I made the obvious change and removed the piece of my code that skips explicitly setting the column value if it has already been set. After Properties[COLUMN_NAME] had the correct value for the entire method, but some time after the Item Updating method finished the value was cleared, unless I had explicitly set the value during that pass.Each test involved adding a new item, editing the item and then deleting the item.Here are the results for a list: No value means that column value in the hash table was not available.Here Randy Williams denoted Before Properties of SPEvent Receiver contains "No Value" for lists. So its good and I got better idea of how before and after events work for both lists and libraries from this post.But i didn't stop my analyze on this, i continue with few more posts, then i identified following post Post 2 : Note : This is untested one, check at your end once before implementing in production.

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My first attempt at the code looked like this: I found that there were circumstances when the column value would not get set or would be cleared and I would get the default value for the column instead.

Original value means that the correct original value was available.

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