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There are only just so many poses next to drugged tigers or legs at the beach you can handle. Hide your potential suitors behind masks, and then sit them in front of you as you type.

If nothing else it sure decreases the risk of tragic duck pouts and unsolicited dick pics.

, the contestants are introduced to us in pre-recorded interviews where they discuss past bad relationships, ideal partners, and their hopes for finding true love.

These interviews are interspersed with footage of each one, inexplicably, attempting to look sexy while laying in a ball pit that also happens to include rubber ducks. (CBS’ other summer reality staple, , airs only three.) It isn’t what you call “good” television but it’s far more purely enjoyable than much scripted fare, especially because it’s self-aware enough to never aim much higher than “attractive people hooking up, arguing, and working out.” It doesn’t want to be doesn’t live up to the charm and smarm of its U. counterpart (especially missing are the accents, the jargon, and the gleefully groan-worthy narration from Iain Stirling) but it’s still hard to look away.

But the best of these is , MTV’s needlessly complicated dating show.

The producers use a matchmaking algorithm to secretly pair up couples and, throughout the season, the contestants live together while trying to figure out who everyone’s “perfect” match is.

Of course, the grimness of a show like is important and necessary, but sometimes it’s too much, especially all at once.

With only seven episodes, the 2019 season was breezy and full of laughable, engaging drama between couples you will never see again. But first tip is that your username can make or break you before you even have a chance to say more than 'Hi'. We're cautiously presuming this clip by Korean film maker Solfa isn't the future of dating television programs. But if the dystopian television series Black Mirror tells us anything, it's that we shouldn't be surprised if they all turn out to be robotic copies of her ex-boyfriend. Step two: Spend the next thirty minutes whittling down a queue of 10 faceless hopefuls who are doing their best to win the right kind of attention using nothing but their wits, their phone, and a text-based chat room. Don't worry lads, there's subtitles if you don't speak Korean.But what works so well about this currently airing season is that all of the contestants are “sexually fluid” and allowed to hook up with anyone, instead of relying on the boring hetero couple formula that every other show employs.

The result is both scintillatingly slutty and dramatic—in the two-part premiere, Kai, a trans man, has sex with both a cis woman and a cis man in the same night—and legitimately groundbreaking.Kai and Jenna, the most explosive couple, literally alternate between screaming at each other and furiously making out. (Yet the strangest thing about The draw of these series is this inherent ridiculousness, the idiocy of the basic premises, the enduring garbage antics.

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