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03-May-2019 10:14

If you are using the c Panel’s File Manager, please be sure to select the option to , otherwise you will not be able to see your .htaccess file.If you do not see this prompt when opening your File Manager, click the, “reset all interface settings” link at the bottom of your c Panel to reset your File Manager settings.The server is already configured with standard settings for PHP which your site will use by default.Unless you need to change one or more of the settings, there is no need to create or modify a file.If you’re not sure how to do this, please see How can I view my PHP settings using a PHPinfo page ?

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If you open your file and search for max_input_time, you should see something similar to: from 30 seconds to 120, for example, simply change 30 to 120 and save the file.

Fixing the Allowed memory size exhausted error Here is a quick step-by-step tutorial on editing the PHP. If you do not see a file named in your public_html, please contact our Support Department and request that we create one for you. Updating your values in public_html/will not affect PHP files in subfolders of your public_html, such as public_html/staff.