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30-Apr-2019 13:08

I am a sex blogger and I really enjoy sharing nudes online with complete strangers.

I record videos, take pictures and also do sex audio recordings.

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Enjoy the beautiful coverage of this intimate day from Whitling Photography.

Adam’s a kick-ass cancer survivor/recent med school grad who’s looking to specialize in Radiation Oncology.

We are both voracious readers, love Asian food (of any kind), and most weekends can be found either hiking through the woods, chilling in the park, or eating dumplings. If I could, I would attach a picture of the both of us in our pee wee soccer photo.

Adam and I grew up together, but we didn’t start dating until our friend circles started mingling the summer before our junior year of high school. ), we’ve weathered long distance dating, major life changes, multiple moves, med school, and a year-long bout with cancer and chemo (Adam’s been cancer-free since June 2015! We are adorable, but neither of us remember being on the same team.Breakups are emotional and you’re often left with so many unanswered questions as to what went wrong.

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