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The network has been established either by working on other projects, or through contacts made during my Ph. This has always been an important point for me as a key part of the project is interaction with the local community, and the adherence to a wider plan of how archaeology can contribute to local knowledge.In this sense, I need to know that my collaborators are people I can work with, which almost invariably means I work with people I already have an established relationship with.Aside from serving as liaison I also have my personal vision of how the archaeology of the island can contribute both to local knowledge about the island’s past, and the role Mauritius played in wider issues, such as mass labor diaspora.Ultimately, I have a clear direction, informed from both my personal experience of the island and external training outside of Mauritius, which helps me focus my efforts and that of my colleagues.We are pioneering an ‘archaeology of indenture’ on Mauritius, linking different components of the indentured experience, and knitting this together into an archaeologicalnarrative based on material signatures and historical archives.Archaeology is not against modernization, so no country need fear this.Several undergraduate students came to Mauritius for a month during the summer to conduct fieldwork.

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All of my collaborators – in the sense of people who actually come out to Mauritius with me for fieldwork – are colleagues I know personally. In all cases, I have chosen to collaborate with professionals that I trust personally.

those interested in slavery and indenture, human impact on the environment, and the colonial attitude to servitude.

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