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Following his appearance on Survivor: Redemption Island, he chose to adopt the name Wyatt Nash (his middle name plus Nash for his birth city, Nashville) as his stage name.Most recently, Nash has appeared as Nigel Wright on the ABC Family series, Pretty Little Liars, and the Lifetime television adaptation of V. Andrews's Petals on the Wind, portraying the character of Christopher and Charles Smith on Riverdale.Elrod finished in seventh place, and was the sixth member of the jury to determine the winner.Despite being blindsided twice, Elrod voted for Mariano as the winner He appeared in short film wages and had guest appearances in the television shows 1600 Penn and Mistresses.Outside of Survivor, Corinne Kaplan competed in The Amazing Race 31.The two tribes were selected prior to the start of the game: Bikal, composed of 10 returning Survivor contestants (the "Favorites"), and Gota, 10 new players (the "Fans").As with Survivor: Micronesia, the first season to have the "Fans vs.Favorites" subtitle, this season initially featured a tribe of 10 returning contestants from previous seasons opposing a tribe of 10 new players.

He began the game on the Ometepe tribe alongside seven other new contestants and Survivor veteran "Boston Rob" Mariano.Elrod was initially part of Mariano's majority alliance.