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Other words include “Andalousia” a word which has no known origin, the Atlantic coast of Spain and France were the first to be colonised by Atlantes after the fall of Atlantis…

The 4th century AD historian Ammianus Marcellinus, relying on a lost work by Timagenes, a historian writing in the 1st century BC, writes that the Druids of Gaul said that part of the inhabitants of Gaul had migrated there from distant islands.

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Atlantis is the only word in any European languages containing this root Atl – it gives its name of the Atlantic ocean and all related words, and the God Atlas in Greek mythology, but “ante” or “ande” in found in several names of people and geographical features around the world.It comprises words with this unusual combination of letters tl – No European languages has this, except to form adverbs such as mostly or costly…ex: Nahuatl, Tlaxcala, Tenochtitlan, atlatl, axolotl.