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'Wow, that feels good, Paul,' as your hand moves down to my crutch and gives him a gentle squeeze.

At exactly the same moment my hand caresses your breast through your tight Dress, and I feel your nipple growing as my fingers play around with the sucking end of it.

She cupped my balls and flicked her tongue on the end of my penis like she was licking an ice-cream.

'Ooh Fuck, Ida, that feels so good, don't stop' Paul begged her as he grabbed the back of Ida's head to pull her onto his throbbing dick.

As we move out of sight from the Kingfisher Restaurant, I squeeze your juutelengo, and tell you to link arms around each other like we are lovers. We move along quietly and silently and every few steps I squeeze your juutelengo and you sigh like you enjoyed the feeling and want more of my touching. As soon as the gate closes, I pull you close to me and kiss you passionately.

You kiss me back and put your arms around me and I can feel your heart beating fast as your breasts press against my chest.

I couldn't help but stand there staring in wonderment at the beautiful sight of my African Queen stark naked on the bed as she continued to stroke her pussy and beckoned me with one finger to come and take a closer look.

Her heavy breathing told me she was bringing herself close to orgasm.

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Ida came up for air, stood up and gave me a taste of my cock as she pushed her tongue inside my mouth and gave me a very long, deep wet French kiss.

'Wow, those beauties are magnificent, your body is everything I have ever desired' Paul whispered into Ida's ear before he bent down and began sucking each nipple in turn.

They seemed to grow in his mouth and tasted delicious and Ida sighed in ecstasy, but then pulled away and slid down to the floor suddenly.

Part 1 So I turn and look deep into your eyes, Ida, and you say I really should be heading home now as I have to attend to my Mom.

As I hold your gaze, I start undressing you with my eyes and say ' I'll walk you home, Ida, it's not safe alone at this time of night'.

"So are you really sure you want this white cock inside your pussy?

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