Father beats daughter for dating black man

23-Jul-2019 08:19

It hurts when you have a father who is alive that you are not close to.How sad it is when some African men are quick to blame their wives when their children turn out wrongly and quick to take credit when that child they are distant frfrom turns out well A ‘kitambi’ is not necessarily a sign of wealth, but a sign of lifestyle.His wife is not his house help to order around, but his queen. Why should things change and dump all his mess and responsibilities on his wife, now that she is with him?The image of a woman that an African man likes has been made to be that of a woman with a big bum or big chest.An African man is capable of committing to one woman just as he expects her to commit to only him.African man, chasing after another woman yet you vowed to your wife to be faithful to only her has nothing to do with culture, but everything to do with your weak character and strong levels of selfishness Too many African men are dead beat dads, too many African men have sired children all over.

We have too many adults who have grown up wishing their dad was there to love and mentor them.

African man, you live only once; if you are truly committed to your woman, what are you waiting for to show love to her? It doesn’t matter what colour of skin a man has, when he is attracted to a woman, he will charm and woo her.

Romance is not just pulling up a chair for her or writing her poetry; romance is everything a man does to make his woman feel special, melting her heart with deeds and words, looking out for her.

Far too often, it is a common scenario during the death of African man that the women they have been with and their children, show up to want a piece of his inheritance.

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This is nothing to celebrate, no matter how successful the man is. A man leads his home, he brings about order Sadly, even some women have come to accept this lie. A woman is not a slave to be beaten up in order to toe the line. Hitting your wife is a sign of how immature you are A man works hard, not just at work outside but also in his home. In his castle, he can offer to cook, he can clean the compound, he can make the bed with his wife, he can paint the walls, he can change the light bulbs; he reigns in his castle. Before he married his wife, he used to live alone as a bachelor and he used to do house chores.African man, why are you in the name of culture excusing yourself from pleasing the woman you used to romance during courtship?

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