Dennis haysbert dating 2016

29-Aug-2019 18:35

Dennis, a San Mateo native was born eighth of nine children to Charles Whitney Haysbert Sr. Originally from Louisiana, his father works as a deputy sheriff and airline security guard while mom is a homemaker and a house cleaner.

Quick Info: He was raised in a Baptist clan along with eight other siblings, six brothers, and two sisters.

Dennis completed his high school education in the year 1972 and she had his graduation from San Mateo High School.

He was also offered with the athletic scholarship because of his height being 6 feet 5 inches in tall.

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With his acting prowess followed by dashing looks, he has made it so far in the industry.

Having resided in the enclave of Silicon Valley in San Francisco Bay area, he attended San Mateo High School, a comprehensive public school.

Following the graduation, he was presented an athletic bursary by multiple universities being 6 feet 5 inches tall but refused to receive the offer, preferring acting over sports.

As well as his father name is Charles Whitney Haysbert Sr.

who is also working as an airline security guard as well as deputy sheriff with his post and position.

Dennis Haysbert, who gave innumerable rousing characters to the audience to revere throughout his entire career, is preeminently known for rendering Pedro Cerrano, a fictional baseball athlete in sports comedy ‘Major League’.