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23-Mar-2019 12:01

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VW transaxle codes all start with a 2 letter prefix i.e. Here's a link to codes and ratios once you find the right number on the trans.

Type Codes & Ratios_________________I do line boring (Tru Line) and machine work. I have the same problem and it seems there is no chart that I can find for it...

‘Type’ numbers The chassis number only contains the first two ‘Type’ digits, but in fact the full Type numbers were made up of three digits up until 1968, then six thereafter.

A summary of the post ’68 numbers are as follows: 1 digit 1 = manual gearbox, 2 = semi automatic Engine codes It’s always interesting to know what engine’s in your Beetle and you can check by looking at the prefix.

The last Beetle produced in Germany was 118 2 034 030.

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You might also find date stamps on parts such as wheels – although bear in mind rims might have been sitting around a while before being fitted, so don’t worry if they predate the car’s build date by a year!

Well that helps quite a bit the engine is a 56, I wasn't sure if Everything was different on this buggy or not because so far everything is sooo mismatched its not even funny.

The engine is (I believe) a 1200, 25hp so I just wanted to make sure at least two of the parts were from the same vehicle since the chassis is from a 1960 beetle. | Advertise | Donate | Premium Membership | Privacy/Terms of Use | Contact Us | Site Map Copyright © 1996-2018, Everett Barnes.

Engine number prefixes were first used in 1965 with the introduction of the 1300, with other Beetle numbers as follows: A = 1200 30bhp D = 1200 34bhp E = 1300 37bhp F = 1300 40bhp H = 1500 44bhp L = 1500 40bhp AB = 1300 44bhp AC = 1300 40bhp AD = 1600 50bhp AE = 1600 48bhp (US) AF = 1600 46bhp AG = 1600 44bhp (Type 181) AH = 1600 48bhp (US) AJ = 1600 50bhp (fuel injection) AK = 1600 48bhp (US) AL = 1600 48bhp (Type 181) AM = 1600 48bhp (Type 181, US) AR = 1300 44bhp AS = 1600 50bhp Data stickers To confuse matters slightly, some Beetles were fitted with a sticker (usually stuck the metalwork by spare wheel well) which gives the chassis number, type number, engine and gearbox code, paint codes and a list of any factory fitted options.

Accessories fitted by the supplying dealer, of course, wouldn’t be included.and people aren't seeming to understand there is no AA or O or w/e infront of the numbers.. Mine is 9806 287 :/Yeah, here's one of the posts where I ran down the numbers you can find from after model year 1965: