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The pyramid at Abydos, Egypt were commissioned by Ahmose I who founded the 18th Dynasty and the New Kingdom. Circular stacks continued, till it reached the top.

Nubian pyramids were constructed (roughly 240 of them) at three sites in Sudan to serve as tombs for the kings and queens of Napata and Meroë. The structures were temples for the god Ala, who was believed to reside at the top.

The largest Egyptian pyramids are those at the Giza pyramid complex.

Ancient Egyptian pyramids were in most cases placed west of the river Nile because the divine pharaoh's soul was meant to join with the sun during its descent before continuing with the sun in its eternal round.

In ancient times, these were brightly painted in gold/bronze.

Since they were constructed of sun-dried mud-brick, little remains of them.

Civilizations in many parts of the world have built pyramids.

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Built in receding tiers upon a rectangular, oval, or square platform, the ziggurat was a pyramidal structure with a flat top.

The capstone was usually made of hard stone – granite or basalt – and could be plated with gold, silver, or electrum and would also be highly reflective.

After 2700 BC, the ancient Egyptians began building pyramids, until around 1700 BC.

A pyramid's design, with the majority of the weight closer to the ground, and with the pyramidion on top, means that less material higher up on the pyramid will be pushing down from above.

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This distribution of weight allowed early civilizations to create stable monumental structures.For thousands of years, the largest structures on Earth were pyramids—first the Red Pyramid in the Dashur Necropolis and then the Great Pyramid of Khufu, both in Egypt—the latter is the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still remaining.

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