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A 1950 service bulletin explains that additional timing marks will be placed on the front cover and pulley "asap".In 1952 the engine block was changed to one with a larger flange at the rear.The commonly accepted description of the CJ-3A seems to apply only to the mid production vehicles.The lack of factory parts information from the CJ-3A time period makes it very difficult to decide if and when changes were made.Then in 19 the engine numbers climb again as expected.The negative skew would indicate there are fewer engines than vehicles.See Willys-Overland Production Figures 1945-61 on the CJ-3B page for a list of serial numbers of Willys vehicles.Body Tags The earliest 1949 CJ-3As have a body number tag below the serial number tag on the firewall.

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I am collecting information about existing CJ-3As to help determine when changes took place.

Later in 1949, and for the remainder of production, the body tag was eliminated. The body tag to the left is from a 1949 CJ-3A, thanks to Andy Testo for the photo.