Dating a guy in a band

28-Jun-2019 15:06

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Do not beg him, in your infinite neediness, to stay home from band practice.

Do not yell at him and tell him scornfully that the band is more important than you are (if it more important, you'll find out the hard way).

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Sister, you have to go to EVERY show, you even have to go to practice!

Musicians uphold, perhaps even created, the "cool affect." Some people simply want nothing more than to be a part of their club.

I spent the last year head-deep in that club as a girlfriend-of-a-musician -- these are the lessons I quickly learned.

So not only do you have to go to a million shows you have to go to a million “eh” shows. It’s super romantic to think that Jon Bon Jovi married his highschool girlfriend, but ladies do remember that he freaking left her for Diane Lane.

I can tell you right now that the green room at CBGBs was a cesspool, and they don’t get much better anywhere else. When DL broke JBJ’s heart he wrote “You give love a bad name” and back to the old gf. Having him leave and come back, or having one of his most awesome songs be about ? They’re going to write songs about you Both good and bad. One was written post break up and is called something like “love heartbroken” and has lyrics that sound something like “she was awesome but I freaking hate her guts right now.” Thanks, I’ll send that one to my Mom. There is possibility for VERY embarrassing things As embarrassing as it is to have a mediocre boy band song written about you, it can get worse.I talk to two of them regularly, and consider one of the two among my very best friends. It’s a time commitment I’m sure you’ve gone to see your friends’ bands play and they’re a pretty good break every month or so.

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