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Green didn’t help matters much when, an appearance on “The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn,” he playfully refused to comment on the report.“It just went from there — and now it’s developed to a point where it’s just not funny,” Green’s manager Howard Lapides said.” the story revealed how the pair had been spotted together in Los Angeles.It said comic actor Dan Redican saw them at a backstage party after a show by the Kids in the Hall comedy troupe.Kimball crossed paths with him later at HBO’s Not Necessarily the News and Fox’s short-lived The Wilton North Report . I think of the vast range of possible things to watch at A. But before he could put out a single issue, the company was sold to J2 Communications Inc. “Being on-air is not a preference of mine,” said Mr. “There are people, like Craig, who love being on camera, and I’m not one of them.“Conan was one of the first people I called when I took the job,” said Mr. M.-the people watching Jewels of the Hapsburgs on A&E, that’s my competition.” Although Mr. O’Brien’s young, male fan base is virtually identical to Mr. O’Brien has had six years to win them over to his own brand of irony. (the producer of Tim Conway’s Dorf on Golf video) and Mr. No matter; at the time, he was already a producer-performer for Ha! But I’ve learned how vulnerable performers are, and it’s definitely improved my bedside manner.” After Ha!

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“Billy is just so funny, almost otherworldly funny.” But a sense of humor is obviously not the only criterion for a successful producer, and grumblings about Mr. “Everything else recedes when you get into the rigors of trying to make the damn thing,” he said. Kimball is creating will reflect his topical, newsy sensibility; Mr. Kimball has developed a vision for the show and a point of view. Kilborn will preside over an informal set with a small audience, and no sidekick or band. Kilborn occasionally breaking into a dance, or walking over to a bookshelf to read some history. Though not particularly wealthy himself, he surrounded himself with wealthy people.

Craig Ferguson was born on in Springburn, Glasgow, Scotland.

His mother is Janet Ferguson and his father is Robert Ferguson.

Speculation that Monica and Tom were secretly dating ran rampant last week after an item in Canada’s Edmunton Sun newspaper.

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Under the headline, “Monica Lewinsky and Tom Green an item?

Kimball have begun: He’s in over his head, has no idea what he’s doing, etc., etc. “He was like a throwback to a gentleman from the 1920’s, a well-born society humorist,” recalled Mr. “Like Nathaniel Benchley or something.” During college, Mr. Kimball and Lisa Henson, the daughter of Jim Henson who went on to be the head of Columbia Pictures, staged a “senior prom” at Harvard’s stuffy Signet Society, with the theme of “Better Dating Through Knowledge of Etiquette.” Mr.