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28-Apr-2019 05:22

Now, if you want to easily meet a lot of cute and sexy Vietnamese girls, this is the place to do it. As a popular Southeast Asia expat blogger recently mentioned, western guys become a “zero to hero” over here. They tend to filter out once you clarify what you’re looking for.

Throw out everything you knew about the western world. You won’t find many girls under 30 that didn’t graduate from university on Vietnam Cupid in Saigon. The two categories are the following: You get the occasional prostitute and gray area girl, nothing too worry about it.

Zo Zo is famous our free webcam chat for both boys and girls.

You can sort our user list based on webcam (who are on cam broadcasting it now).

You then meet them for coffee and use your shining personality to get them back to your apartment. If you’re a younger guy (under 30), then you will mostly meet girls that are 18-30.

If a girl does go out for drinks, then you’re probably getting laid that night. Oh yeah, sometimes they go out for drinks and take two sips of a beer while you get wasted. You can also use this to find a tour guide with benefits. Just message the girls and tell them you’re travelling to Saigon and ask them if they want to show you around the city or even go to a different city with you.

With the exceptional confidential feature of Live Chat, you can relax and present yourself easily as you build the relationship with your dream Asian girl.Anyway, most of my readers are white Europeans (or European diaspora), which is the preferred male ethnicity in Asia. With that being said, you don’t need to be an asshole or witty like back home. Don’t be a full on asshole and don’t send dick pics and you should be fine. Now, don’t expect sexy time on the first date if you go for coffee. Go to Thailand, the Philippines, or Indonesia if you want that. Most Vietnamese guys ignore those girls as they want a wife under 25. A 25 year old Vietnamese girl will still look 19 too. Do remember, most of these girls have a curfew, so they probably won’t go out with you for drinks. Now, don’t invite them like this, “Do you want to…? I’ll show you.” “Let’s watch a movie at my place.” If they speak bad English, then just say, “We go my apartment for movie nha.” Notice the difference? It’s a term of endearment added to the end of a sentence when you make a request. Now, if the girl has had an account for 2 years, then you might not want to date her.In fact, being an asshole will probably hurt you in the beginning. Just message them something nice about anything on their profile and ask them a question about it. Alternatively, you can do my tried and true texting routine. Even the older ones might have a curfew depending on their living situation. You really have to hone your slut radar if you’re looking for a girlfriend on these sites.You are not allowed to record other’s webcam live through our website.

If you are doing anything against our privacy policy or terms and condition, you will be banned and reported without any other further warnings.

I wouldn’t travel to Vietnam without an account on this site.

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