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Your default choice must be a large-cap index fund unless you have a good reason to buy an active fund.

Second, invest the rest of your monthly savings in a bank recurring deposit for a term that fetches the maximum interest rate.

But more importantly, the book, through exhaustive reporting, details the lives of the women killed — all of whom were prostitutes from poor, "downwardly mobile, working-class communities” as Kolker put it in our phone interview yesterday.

Instead of describing them as anonymous victims secondary to the spectacle of the unsolved crimes, Kolker builds the book around the women, portraying them as the daughters, mothers, sisters, and friends that they were to the dozens of people who still mourn them.

Investing in the direct plan of the scheme will reduce costs and boost returns over the long term.

DSP Equity & Bond will be suitable for investors with a modest risk appetite and an investment horizon of about five years.

Over three- and five-year time-frames, the scheme has done better than the category average.

The extent of outperformance has been to the tune of 50-150 basis points.

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You should, therefore, create a portfolio applying the following rules: First, decide your equity allocation and then invest in an equity mutual fund.Most individuals typically save and invest to achieve a life goal such as buying a house or going on vacation. In this article, we discuss why you should save irrespective of having a life goal or not.

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