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04-Mar-2019 04:13

There are a number of ways to enter into a career in studying radiocarbon dating.

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This new method was based on gas and liquid scintillation counting and these methods are still used today, having been demonstrated as more accurate than Libby's original method (3).

As with variation in atmospheric radiocarbon concentration, the decay rate of radiocarbon in tree-ring calibration samples would be affected in exactly the same way as the decay rate of radiocarbon in the specimen to be dated.

Calibrated radiocarbon dates are immune to any supposed change in decay rate of radiocarbon. This idea is promoted in The Answers Book and other sources.

This idea is similar to Assertion 3, but suggests instead that the cosmic radiation was shielded in the past by a stronger magnetic field of the earth.

Again, the idea is that less cosmic radiation means less radiocarbon in the atmosphere, and less radiocarbon in the atmosphere means artificially old dates.

This idea is advanced, for example, in The Young Earth: C ratio was like before the industrial revolution, and all radiocarbon dating is made with this in mind.

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