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Here is the code to assign the Charlotte values to users with a city value of Charlotte.Get-ADUser -Search Base ‘ou=testou,dc=iammred,dc=net’ -Filter ` | Set-ADUser @Charlotte -Country US Now, I do a cut-and-paste job to create two more searches to find Atlanta and to find Jacksonville. Only the search filter and the splatted values change. Summary: Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, talks about using Windows Power Shell to update address information in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). Yesterday, at the Charlotte Windows Power Shell user group meeting, one of the members was talking about adding mailing information to all of the users in a particular organizational unit.There are many reasons that this information may change: Street names are renamed all the time in the United States; cities incorporate other cities; postal codes change due to shifting populations. And there are other reasons as well, for example, companies may consolidate offices, close offices, or move offices.

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Whatever the reason is for updating address information, Windows Power Shell and the Active Directory module make this task fairly simple.The first thing I need to do is to add City attribute values to the user accounts in the Test OU organizational unit (OU).