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26-Jun-2019 19:15

Listen, I signed up a throwaway account so I could respond.But I am 42, 5' 6", and am all right looking, but being short keeps anyone from being too good looking.Honestly, I'm of the opinion that many of those women (and I can only assume many of the men as well, having no experience on the opposite side) are waiting for a completely impossible standard they will never come across without meeting someone in real life, and that's a very depressing thought.Honestly, for all the good that's come from online dating, I fear there's an equal, possibly greater, amount of ill.I've been called an attractive guy, I believe it, and I use it to make up for being shorter than average.I'm also in a new town where I don't know anyone. All of the girls that I consider eligible get tons of messages. Regrettably eligible guys end up getting lost in inbox purgatory.And the problem is by crafting that sort of message you think you're being unique and thoughtful. Meanwhile I hear stories about friends of friends who literally spam 100 girls with the same identical message and wind up going on 5 dates a week and getting laid on every one. I also feel as if people on dating sites have horribly high expectations. I took time to craft and perfect a charming profile and sent only the most intriguing messages that were personalized to the recipient, and I was entirely ignored by the vast majority of women.

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And after you write 50 of these and get 2 responses, you kind of lose hope. Honestly the whole system as left me horribly jaded and bitter. I was on and off POF and OKCupid for over a year, and I got three unsolicited messages from women, each one consisting of a single sentence (in some cases, a single word), and the replies I received couldn't be more than 15 or 20.

I only know that once I deleted my account, I felt a weight lift from my shoulders and found a spring in my step.

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