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The literature of the Southern Appalachians is widely scattered.

Only one journal, Mountain Life and Work, has been devoted entirely to the area.

Several major research projects are now being conducted; more are certain to follow. The Kentucky liighlanders from a native mountaineers viewpoint.

It is imperative that this research be carried out as efficiently and intelligently as possible.

Horace Kephart, one of the first important students of the region, complained that in 1905 he could not discover "so much as a magazine article, written within this generation, that described the land and its people. Books, articles, pamphlets and official documents appeared by the hundred.

Throughout the Nineteenth Century and during the first decades of this century serious and sustained interest in the area was confined largely to religious and philanthropic groups. Ridgway, "Friendly books for quiet nooks," ML&W Jl 1926 p. There developed a vast and generally polemical literature describing the region's wretched social and economic conditions.

As early as 1926 Florence Ridgway detected a pattern which has remained valid to this date.- There were, she felt, three main types of authors writing about the Southern Appa- lachians.

The first, the Exploiters, have been in the majority, and have largely created the popular stereotype of the shiftless, ignorant and law- less mountaineer.

Unfortunately, it is long since out of print and now almost unobtainable. CONFERENCE OF SOUTHERN MOUNTAIN WORKERS The Southern Highlands; an inquiry into their needs, and qualifications desired in church, educational and social service workers in the mountain country.

The need for a new bibliography of the Southern Appalachians has become increasingly evident during the past few years.

The first, and for that matter probably the last, effort to compile a bibliography of everything ever written about the Southern Appala- chians was undertaken by Everett E. In 1935 he published References on the Mountaineers of the Southern Appalachians. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1934. See especially Chapter 19 on 'Appalachian America." 11.

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