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Limited by the natural size of the clearing and surrounded by a forest wall, the tent home was carefully planned to make maximum use of all available space.

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Just remember to bring your wallet—this is one of the island’s priciest dining destinations. The wine list here is one of the most extensive on the island, with several large-format options and limited-availability selections.Or maybe you missed an opportunity to purchase the bag at the fair but you still want to pick one up?SIGN UP FOR THIS WORKSHOP TO DECORATE YOUR OFFICIAL ALAMEDA ART FAIR BAG!The ultimate result is a shelter that looks like our childhood camping dreams grew up and made room for family and friends to join in on the indoor/outdoor fun.

Via Uncrate Spark Architect’s Tent House is a seasonal shapeshifter.With the walls/doors open, the entire house becomes an open-air sanctuary, a perfect exploration ground for children and adults.