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13-May-2019 11:50

Missy seemed shy as she smirked and said hello and made her way to the motor truck to start unloading. well mostly Missy catch cartons and carry them into the house in her blue briefs and white container top.

sexy thought began running threw my head on what I would love to do to her as they completed up and went interior.

She slipped on some very dark high heel footwear and started rotating as I afresh locked eyes on her ass. She placed her hands on my thighs and let down herself onto the floor on her knees.

V when there was a knock my front doorwayway and it was Jane who said that her married man Robert was at work and that her job had just called her marvelling if she would arrive in to cover a move and that she needed somebody to watch David and Missy for awhile.I was wanting the rest of that day that they would be the persons moving in and the next day I got my response.