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If all Rick wanted was positive encouragement and docile behavior, he would be searching for a specific personality rather than a specific race.In all honesty, Rick’s statements about black women don’t surprise me.Black further states that he doesn’t “want no Black b***h / I'm already Black / Don't need no Black b***h" (Meara). He surrounds himself with white women and thinks all black people are on welfare. And through the constant advertisement of white women as symbols of goodness, purity, wealth, and success, black men seek refuge.It is their one-way ticket out of “the hood” that is American, racial oppression An oppression that divides them from black women.All of which are meant to try and “blend in,” to “survive.” And this fight for “survival,” requires black people to unify with whiteness but also a segregate from blackness. An unattractiveness that has poisoned mankind against black women.It’s a betrayal that creates wars within the black community. Too many times, in both past and present, there have been many instances where my fellow black girls are portrayed as stubborn, sassy, dominant, and loud, with derogatory labels such as “ratchet,” “bougie,” and -in the words of Masaratti Rick- “uncoachable” are applied to them.

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They dye their hair, they change the way they walk and talk, they associate themselves with white “culture,” they bleach their skin, and so forth. These characteristics are of an ideal woman and anything outside of that understanding is unattractive.Over New York, London, Paris and Milan 77.6% of the time models on the runway were white” (Pursley).It is no wonder that black people cleave to white “culture.” What else are they capable of seeing when 77.6% of the time they see white?Kanye West in his song, Gold Digger, threatens to leave a black woman’s “*ss for a white girl.” Another rapper, Kodak Black, makes it apparent that he doesn’t date black women.

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When asked whether he found black actress and singer Keke Palmer attractive, Black says he is not into black girls and would rather date Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez.The type of woman that accepts “her role as a woman and lets her man lead.” But is it truly about dominance?

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There were times where I was made to feel guilty about not being the fun party girl I had been previously and times where I was told I wasn’t as attractive anymore as if it was my fault that I was poorly.… continue reading »

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(SLIDESHOW: 142 Times Josephine Skriver Barely Wore Anything) The former “Jon & Kate Plus 8” star then explained that dating online just wasn’t an option because it “creeps me out” and having a film crew with her made her feel “safe.” “I know it works for people. “But it was that option or not dating at all.” “It’s real dating. “Extremely intimidating.” And when asked if she thinks marriage will ever be in her future again, she explained that, “I don’t like the ‘M’ word.” “Everybody keeps saying that and that actually gives me like anxiety and panic honestly,” Gosselin shared.… continue reading »

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