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UTF-8/UTF-8es_ES/[email protected]/ISO-8859-15es_ES. UTF-8/[email protected]/UTF-8and use setlocale('es_ES'), the result will use the iso-8859-1 charset even if you have all your system, files and configuration options in UTF-8. The definition of locales can change from one system to another, and so the charset from the results.To receive content in UTF-8, in this example, you need to use setlocale('es_ES. The following function implements the conversion specifiers which are not supported on Win32 platforms:(Note: the specifiers %V, %G and %g can be implemented using other functions described in this section)The output is the same as before.Please, erase and correct my message if there is any error.Under windows if you are using Japanese version, you must use the following code:setlocale(LC_ALL, "Japanese_Japan.20932") for EUCsetlocale(LC_ALL, "Japanese_Japan.932") for SJISI found the following page that helped me with this issue:

11, 2015, and a middle-aged man and a young woman, both severely obese, were struggling with the same lump-in-the-throat feeling.

Windows has the most differences, but I've also encountered differences in Alpine Linux (which uses musl intsead of glibc) and BSD.