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11-Jul-2019 19:17

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The beautiful part is everyone is united on the beach. It probably means they’ll be into us vulnerable women, too, and let us into their warm homes as well! You can’t get a dog when you’re a hot mess party monster whose sole existence is all about staying up late taking drugs at parties.

A lesbian with a healthy, adopted pet is the kind of lesbian you want to date at this stage of your life, babe.

I can show off my wit in the safety of my apartment.

I can see if she’s deep and cool, by asking her questions like “What is your favorite movie?

I don’t know how to have nightclub conversations, either. I’ll start talking about mass incarceration or casually mention that my high dosage of Lexapro is killing my sex drive or something equally as uncomfortable and depressing, which just ends up bumming everyone out.

People don’t want to be bummed out at the club, I’ve learned.

The internet should not be eradicating queer nightlife culture.

Nor should it be contributing to the demise of lesbian bars.

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Let’s let the queer youth know that there are unexpected places to meet lesbians, that aren’t clubs.So, If you’re not already planning your summer in Cherry Grove, I don’t know what’s wrong with you.It took me way too long to understand the power of Cherry Grove and my younger self is very upset with me. There are older, established lesbians sitting on the beach ready to passionately discuss business and books with you.And there are so many places where lesbians gather, that aren’t clubs, places that socially awkward geeks like you and I will shine like the top of the Chrysler building! Just listen to me your lesbian (nerdy) big sister, and you’ll be having more sex than Shane from “The L Word” (OK maybe not, but you see where I’m going).

But please, ladies—I want to know where all of you go!

What’s the point of dealing with all the darkness in the world My mother used to always say: “Where there is a will, there is a way.” I had the will to meet girls, so I figured out a way to meet them outside of a club.

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